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Starting A New Club

Starting a new club is generally regarded as being in bad taste.
There are two reasons why:

  1. There are many existing clubs out there that you can bond with and...
  2. If you want to establish an MCC the existing clubs see this as shirking away from hangaround and prospect time, in other words you are looking for a quick and easy way to get patched. That is starting on the wrong foot.
    Generally, starting a new MC is not allowed. It is recommended NOT to attempt to start a new MCC either, because when you start out you don't jump in at the top. There are controlling bodies that simply will not allow this. Even if a controlling body does allow this, you run the risk of seriously antagonizing the existing senior clubs. They will not take kindly to this.

However, if you HAVE to establish a new club then you must decide what type of club you want to establish. OSBM is open to the fact that there are those out there with different levels of commitment to the biking lifestyle. It is for this reason that there are different types of clubs. You must identify where your new club will fit.

These are the broad guidelines. We must stress that the specific procedural requirements will depend on the local controlling body rules.

  1. Determine what type of club you want to start. This will impact on the name you will choose, and your patch.
  2. Get the following sorted and finalized:
    • Your club name
      You need to do your homework well regarding your proposed club name. If it is similar to any existing club you can expect problems getting it registered. Don't even think of using a name like 'Sons of Anarchy' , 'Heavens Devils' or any other movie or TV series name or relevant designs or insignia pertaining to them. Also, the use of comic book heroes or characters like Mickey Mouse or Biker Mice etc are not appropriate.
    • Your patch
      Once again, you need to do your homework exceedingly well regarding your proposed patch. Don't copy it from another club. If it is similar to any existing club you will surely reap problems. It should be absolutely unique and professionally designed. Do not use cartoon characters in your design. As a general rule, stay away from the colours red on white. Do not use "SOUTH AFRICA" as the bottom rocker. Rather, use your town or province. Ask any of the old hands why and you'll get the correct answer.
    • A constitution, club rules or bylaws (if applicable)
      We have provided an example - look at it and make your changes as required.
  3. Now, make contact with your local controlling body. They must assist you further. If you don't know who they are, you can contact us and we will pass this information to you, or click here for a list of known controlling bodies. Approach them with respect and you will be guided and assisted properly. At this point there may be requirements before you can proceed. These differ between the controlling bodies.
  4. After you have the "go ahead" blessing from whomever is assisting you, you should apply to register your club and patch in the national bike club register. You should also advertise your intentions (with detail) in BikeSA for the sake of those who have no Internet. The registration process in the national bike club register will take three months to complete. During this period the biking community has ample time to make objections regarding your name/patch combination and issues can be resolved.

  5. Once your club is officially registered, you still need to follow any requirements given by those assisting you, until you have met and satisfied every single requirement.

OSBM invites the controlling bodies to send us links to the pages on their web sites that deal with their specific requirements for starting a new club. As we receive the links, this list will grow. Hopefully, you'll find yours below:

Do not start any club or motorcycle association in South Africa, that has ANY international ties or relations. Approach your local council or federation for help and guidance if this is the case. If you start a club without following the above guidelines, you run the risk of becoming highly unpopular in your local biking community. If you want their respect, do what they require of you. Do it right.

Recource And Media
Although the video below is UK based, it's a good watch and confirms many of the points we have made above. So yes, starting a new club is done very much the same all over the world.

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